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We provide reliable, affordable coaching for everyone. We offer courses and coaching to help support you create and implement your powerful and motivating vision.

What we do

First starts with Awareness

Becoming aware of your patterns is key as your life is a reflection of all the stories you believe... In order to change any of our behaviors the very first step is to become aware of these patterns. Observing patterns in others that are similar to yours is a great way to become aware of your own patterns. 

Perfect finish

I had to lose my identity as a salon owner to finally see… once you have Awareness you have control


The root cause of your challenges is not an external problem it’s an internal one…Transformation begins in the subconscious mind


Your Mindset is the key. Until you pull the weeds out by the roots they are going to continue to thrive and strive… grow and re emerge

Transformation begins with your first step


Rebel Hair Salon A.T.M. Masterclass is a self coaching and implementation program. Over 10 wks. we address the 3 Hidden Subconscious factors holding you back from getting what you want..


Coaching frees you to be your better self, future proof your skills and give life meaning. As a coach I’m a facilitator, a catalyst for growth, transformation & your success. Is Coaching a fit for you or not? This can only be answered through a Discovery Call.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Let me ask you…

If you continue doing what you’re doing, working hard long hours for very little pay…

Will this be the way to create financial freedom?

Hairdressing is transforming faster than ever before.

Becoming an insider to the world of Entrepreneurship is key to the new way of training and broadening horizons

To bring change we must first start with Mindset

“Be the observer of Your Thoughts”...Wise words of Buddha

We only do what we are. If you don’t have something you want in life, it’s because you are talking yourself out of it.

You can only create the life you want when you start with your mind & congruently align the levels of your thinking and behavior.

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What they say


Hairdresser, Salon Owner

I have a great deal to thank Helene for. I am forever grateful for her passionate teachings and generous spirit.


Beauty Therapist 

Helene's talents lie in her ability to take her past experiences learn from them, make adjustments to improve yourself and move on.

Stepping Stones

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