March 31


Unexplored Ways to Grow Your Business

By Helene

March 31, 2021

Entrepreneur, Hairdresser, Self Development, Wait list

Imagine if you played full out… What would your life look like?

Where will you be in a year from now?

Right now, you can stay in the same place as the unheard-of small business or hairdresser struggling to grow their business, relying on hope.


You can stand out because you stand for something.

Don’t worry...

You’re going to be judged no matter what you do - Just show up - you have a gift to impact your community and to change the world.

The reason you are not where you want to be is that you’re playing small in some areas.

And the reason you are playing small is that there is some doubt or fear…

  • Why it’s not the right time.
  • The environment 
  • What will happen if I do?
  • What will happen if I don’t?

All this stuff distorts our world, the way we see things.

How you see your business and how you really SEE your business will determine what’s actually possible for you.

If you are... 

  • Afraid of failure
  • Afraid of rejection
  • Don’t like selling 
  • Don’t want to refund

All that stuff you worry about actually determines how you show up daily.

What got you here won’t get you there!

And when you remove those abundance blocks… Amazing things happen when you play full out.

Where you are right now in this moment

  • The results in your business
  • Your current circumstances 

It was who you were being and the actions you took.

Your lens and view of the world actually got you to this point in time

The reason people stay stuck is that they are using the same strategies that got them to here now and they want to get to somewhere else with the exact same strategies.

I believe that there are so many OLD beliefs out there that are actually causing suffering for many and particularly for many hairdressers and small businesses.

And I want to come out and show people with content and coaching you don’t need to go that way.

The new way is being an entrepreneur - A New Generation Hairdressing Entrepreneur.

About the author

Helene's 'No Fluff' tell it like it is approach was born from her own personal mess to now her message.
Her 30+ years of experience is reinforced with Certifications in Small Business Management, Coaching and her love of Self-Development - the power with in.

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