April 2


Working Hard Guarantees Success -NOT!

By Helene

April 2, 2021

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I am going to suggest to you, after 30+ years in the Hair Industry.

Working hard does NOT guarantee your success.

But I understand why you think that.

All the gurus talk, train, train, train, squeeze one more in, hustle, hustle, upsell ad on a treatment, sell more retail…

Yah de, yah de yah!

If that were true! 

Then everyone who worked hard would be successful

Just look at our Hair Industry for starters…

And we all know that is not the case.

In fact, in today’s marketplace if you continue with this thinking, working hard guarantees success…

You may find you work hard your entire life and still have nothing to show for it.

Look around... How many hairdressers do you know who are struggling?

I know you’re wondering

So what’s the solution, where to next?

And it’s a good thing to wonder!

Because that means you think in possibilities, to look for new ideas where you see  there is growth happening for many entrepreneurs.

Why not you too?

If you’re an entrepreneur, yeh! Sure you’re going to have to work hard but the one thing successful people have is this…

They know how to turn these BIG changes into BIG opportunities…

The Hairdressing Industry I believe is screaming for change. 

How do I know? Because I started in ‘74 and yet there are still the same problems - Time, Team & Money!

And I’m inviting you to take a stand for something...

Who do you need to BE to be a more effective  New Generation Entrepreneur Hairdresser?

Till next time...

P.S: For those looking to create change, do some research here, the wait list is now open for the Rebel HairSalon A.T.M. Masterclass

About the author

Helene's 'No Fluff' tell it like it is approach was born from her own personal mess to now her message.
Her 30+ years of experience is reinforced with Certifications in Small Business Management, Coaching and her love of Self-Development - the power with in.

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