April 4


Hairdressers Make Perfect Entrepreneurs

By Helene

April 4, 2021

Entrepreneur, Hairdresser, Rebel HairSalon A.T.M. Masterclass

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being on a path to lift you to the next level.

When you know what you are saying yes too... it becomes easy to say NO!

No, to all this low hanging fruit that’s going to tempt you to get off track, as you sliding down another rabbit hole.

Yes, it will have all kinds of justification but when you are clear, on the path you are heading, you know the other stuff is a diversion.

Hairdressers, Solopreneurs do have the DNA already to be entrepreneurs

Here are a 10 tips to grow your business...

Ten Tips to grow your business and be an Awesome Hairdressing Entrepreneur.
  • Shift Your Mindset - Making money isn’t going to come from something outside of yourself like a marketing system or an opportunity.
  • Learn about Funnels - The money is not in the product, it’s in knowing how to market and sell a product. There has never been more money floating around, like now. In order to capture money, you have to put up a little website offering a helpful product or service.
  • Build your Email List - If you don’t have a list you don’t exist. 
  • Leverage - Learn what an affiliate is. Money comes from providing the value you offer through our free market system.
  • Learn the Rules - The world dictates how much money you make according to these 3 factors. 1. Competition. 2. Education Leverage.
  • Be Ethical - Learn it all. Investing in your education is key.
  • Choose your Traffic Source - Master one specific traffic source before moving onto the next.
  • Enhance your Personal Brand - Building a business online is NOT about the latest and greatest … It's about mastering the fundamentals. Create your focused customer journey.
  • Belief, Belief, Belief - Implement and get inspired.
  • Rinse and Repeat - Serve others.

As a business owner or hairdresser if you're looking to break free from that glass ceiling that's putting the cap on all the income you can create...

Then Entrepreneurship is key!

As a retired hairdresser, on the entrepreneur journey, I know the two go hand in hand...

Hairdressing and Entrepreneurship.

Till Next time...

About the author

Helene's 'No Fluff' tell it like it is approach was born from her own personal mess to now her message.
Her 30+ years of experience is reinforced with Certifications in Small Business Management, Coaching and her love of Self-Development - the power with in.

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