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What to do before the call.

What You’ll Do Before the Call. There will be lots of insights, have a pen and paper to jot down notes...P.S: You might be quick on the phone but connecting with pen and paper has important benefits.

Starting with you is your true business.

What Happens During the Call?. There will be questions, some will go deep and some you may find a challenge to answer... but we need to find what's the reason you're not running the business of your dreams.

Awareness is the 1st step to aligning your business

If 51% of all Hairdressers suffer burnout, what is the impact on yours?. With Awareness you will understand why this is happening and how to develop a plan to align you and your business. 

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what they are saying


I have a great deal to thank Helene for and I am forever grateful for her training. Helene is a passionate teacher, creative, incredible curiosity for what is possible.

Theresa Walsh

/ Hairdresser & Salon Owner.


Helene is always learning more ... her clever, analytical mind is always ready to take on new challenges. Ability to diversifying from her learnt challenges & making adjustment to improve herself.

Debbie Fairchild

/ Beauty Therapist 


Always a thirst for knowledge, always striving to learn and improve on all levels of life I think best describe Helene. She cares for others, is loyal, has a positive attitude and is a genuine person. We have both been clients for each other for many years.

Christine Hunt

/ Real Estate Owner


On a personal note

I am known for my "NO - FLUFF" tell it like it is approach, which was actually born out of my own personal mess, on my hairdressing journey. Things like being dragged out of the pub by my best friend to be taken to an interview for a Hairdressing Technical Advisor...because I had NO confidence back then...Now I know why this happened and now this has become my MESSAGE.

P.S: Yes, I did get the job.

Helene Mearing.  CEO Rebel Business Builders