About Me.


Now, I want to take you back to the early ’70s…Ok, so I know most of you were not even born then. It’s interesting to see the TimeLine of Hairdressing doesn’t really change.

 I had dropped out of school to work on the farm [had some confidence issues ] fortunately my dad didn’t want this for my future. Back then, if you couldn’t get a job you became a hairdresser.

So it was here I began my journey to find a hairdressing apprenticeship. 

Living in the country was not easy, a girl who was the larger size back then and, as well, was not a fashion statement!

My confidence was shot even more…

Getting an apprenticeship was out of the question, I could tell by the looks on their faces when I walked in the salon door. 

My hairdressing journey then had to begin at a Melbourne Trade School for Hairdressers. 

Adapting to city life was not easy back then Hairdressing and fashion was brutal - such a competitive, ego-based industry.

For a shy country girl, there were many highs and lot’s of lows along the way.

After a few years of heartache and feeling like there was something wrong with me, I was ready to give up, go back to the farm. Perhaps I wasn’t cut out to do this. Maybe other people were smarter than me - or they had some special ingredient I couldn’t figure out and wasn’t born with.

Fast forward to the mid-’80s life started to change. I found myself working in an area I loved as a “Technical Advisor” for Hair companies. 

I Met many extraordinary people, including hairdressers from all levels of life, worked incredibly long hours. I was exhausted. One day would turn into another, I felt unappreciated with all the work I was doing. And I was sick of being broke! Keeping my wardrobe updated for city life, maybe this is how my life was meant to be.

And then one day everything changed for me. A teammate invited me to the country where she had been in a long term relationship and to cut a long story short I married her partner’s brother and we are still happily married today.

The crazy part of this story is... we two hairdressers were incredibly different in personality types. She was a total extravert and me, an introvert who hated confrontation…

Much to the brother’s disgust ...We went into partnership in a salon. Two hair technicians working together we should romp it in. The technical knowledge and skill were there, but that was not to happen. Sure, we made a good income but when I think of it now… We were like two feral cats working together.

After a few years trying and failing I was convinced it was me causing these tension problems.

Then a major obstacle happened!

I was hit from my pushbike on an early morning ride and woke up in the hospital 2 weeks later. Yes, I was smashed up pretty bad and took 6 months off work before I even looked like getting back on my feet.

But it was here, I had a lot of time to really think about my life and where it was going.

What was wrong with me?

I know I’ve always been a hard worker but never really getting ahead. I felt stuck, smothered and controlled by my business partner, my life was going nowhere! 

Then something strange happened, instead of this downward death spiral, I had this epiphany.

Instead of looking outside of myself, I started to look at me and who I really was. I also realized this was the problem- Hairdressers work backwards 

Now I had to find the solution.

The partnership was dissolved, I had a lot of healing to do both physically and mentally. 

And after some deep soul searching I could see the problem and I started to understand what they mean when they say… 

What you focus on expands. 

I could see the patterns in my life and why they were happening. So I took responsibility and I stepped up, I wanted more so I had to become more.

Hairdressing is an amazing career, and it has taught me many valuable insights … 

I love it but there had to change. No longer was I going to stand still, no longer was I going to waste away… 

I started my own business and it was here I finally had a breakthrough that allowed me to discover the solution to what was holding me back.

Starting with the Industry Training is working backwards

The Business Model is outdated - 

Learning the skills of Entrepreneurship is solution for this model

With my business Ghem Hairworks, I started to test and measure some of these ideas and strategies with great results which allowed me to retire from my business debt-free and financial security to pursue my next journey.

So with this call to adventure, to learn deeper, the true meaning of Entrepreneurship, it has lead me to create “The Rebel Method” a business training, mentorship and implementation program