Little Known Thought-Provoking Ways to go from 'Best Kept Secret' to No.1 Superhero.

Introducing: Rebel Hair Salon A.T.M.

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Why You Need This Product

The problem Rebel Hair Salon A.T.M solves, is to take people from confusion to instant clarity. You will discover the #1 reason that stops people from moving forward with their business. You will get a clearer picture of your current situation and exactly why you're experiencing challenges.

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Product main features

The stage is now set for us to go into a  whole New World. I believe it would be a huge mistake to sit around potentially waiting and hoping for life and business to go back to what it was before the pandemic. 

The Rebel Salon A.T.M. is not for everyone... It's for real leaders, real people who will step up to be the "New Breed of Business Owner & Entrepreneur"

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Learn the truth behind why you may have hit that 'glass ceiling' of income-earning and business growth.  And I can guarantee you now, it is not because of you, or your skills.

These thought-provoking ideas will challenge many in the Industry however change is here and is time to transition to the next level for you.


Understand why it's happening first, then what to do about it....when you ask yourself - Why is there so much month left at the end of your Money?'  Awareness of the Inner & Outer Game you play - is the number 1. key for you to get unstuck.  Not happy with your results? Then become aware of your thoughts first.


Becoming Your Best Self...Being different is better than better and why starting with YOU... as you are your TRUE BUSINESS.

We can never underestimate how hard it is to help people change. But first, we must align you with your business to prevent any burnout first.


 We take a deep dive into 'Your Recession Proof Tool Box'...Here we focus on what is the greatest point of leverage in the Hair Industry. Take a deeper look at 'The Self Coaching Model' and how to get unstuck. This will show us clearly if it's your money mindset that we need to work on to get unstuck. 


Private Facebook Group. To break through and smash that glass ceiling keeping you trapped...You need to look at what you're feeding your mind... You must weed the garden of your mind and observe your thinking and to do that... we need a safe community to build the next generation of movement makers


Learning how to be an entrepreneur is a journey many of us want to go on... but where do you start? There is a full module devoted to this topic, where we bring meaning to money, put the purpose in profit and allow you to plan your own Hero's journey to Financial Freedom. 


The Rebel Hair Salon A.T.M. Masterclass teaches struggling Hairdressers you can BE, DO, HAVE anything you want when you make it a Habit.

Have you hit a ceiling with your earnings?

Your Mission should you choose to accept is to take a deep dive and address the 3 Hidden Underlying Factors that are preventing you from fully reaching your potential. In 10 weeks you will unlock then harness the true power of you.

Helene Mearing

The driving force behind my discoveries was my desire to discover who I was and why did Hairdressing have to be so hard to create a life of freedom.

Rebel Business Builders CEO

Inspiring Words

I have a great deal to thank Helene for and I am forever grateful for her training.

Creative, incredible communicator, passionate teacher, curiosity and a generous spirit.

Theresa  - salon owner

Helene's natural gifts are her thirst for knowledge, always striving to learn and improve on all levels.

Loyalty, positive attitude and a genuine person who cares for others and wanting to lift others.

Christine - real Estate

Helene's talent lies in her ability to diversify from learnt challenges and making adjustments to improve.

Clever, always thinking mind ready to take on new challenges.

Debbie - beauty therapist

Product Overview Section


  • You may ask...How can you change something you cannot see?
  • There are a few tricks to help you become aware of your programming.
  • With just a few mindset shifts, it unlocks your true potential


Your Own Hero's Journey
  • External solutions rarely solve internal problems. 
  • Your subconscious programing determines your destiny.
  • We all have the same problem no matter what level you are at.


Mission Accomplished
  • Those in Business are my favorite clients because the impact you have in the world is so expansive. 
  • Unlocking your full potential helps you achieve your own wealth, success and happiness
  • This growth trickles down to your employees & customers.

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What Makes Us Different

The world doesn't change from the top down. It changes from the bottom up... It changes when one person gathers the courage to step up, do what they're here to do, and learn the tools and strategies to share their message to the world.

We take people from confusion to instant clarity by taking them through the process for creating a money making salon and ultimately getting MORE GROWTH in the next few months than thy had in the past year.

Introducing the Rebel HairSalon A.T.M the fastest and least stressful way to unlock and monetize your stage of business.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Change is something that doesn't happen over night. As a retired hairdresser and now a Life & Business Coach I know, you are not the issue. The mental road blocks that are holding many of us back, from becoming the best version of ourselves, are not some strange personality flaws. However they do take time to work through, some longer than others.

The Rebel Hair Salon A.T.M. is the start to building your stronger Future Self.